Fractional ownership


Our Art Security Token (AST) allows you to own and trade fractional ownership of fine art masterpieces in a regulated and transparent marketplace.

Artemundi has partnered with Switzerland and Singapore-based Sygnum Bank which facilitates access to digital marketplaces for tokenized artworks and lowers the entrance barriers to the art market under Swiss banking regulations. On its blockchain-based trading platform, institutional and private investors may buy, sell or trade fractionalized ownership of blue-chip artworks, starting from 1000 CHF per token.

Date of issuance: October 2021
Tokens issued: 100%
AST symbol: PIC1
ISIN number: CH8301001400
Custodian: Sygnum Bank
Life cycle: 96 months
Trade: SygnEx exchange open daily

Price: CHF 4,000,000
Latest market valuation (6/22): CHF 4,750,000
Unrealized ROI: 18.75%
Growth: 16.7%

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Artemundi, in partnership with BridgeTower Capital, an innovator in connecting blockchain markets globally, will offer a series of NFTs featuring the work of acclaimed artist Francisco Goya.

Caprice No. 6 “No one knows each other” is the first of a series of Goya NFTs that will be released over the next year and will be selected from 80 Caprices owned by Artemundi, making the celebrated series, which once changed art history, accessible for investors and art aficionados alike.

Each will include an introduction about Goya and a short, formal description of the symbolism of the piece. The NFTs will reside in the BridgeTower Permissioned Market that investors can enter by creating a Securitize ID through a seamless KYC process that can be carried out in minutes. Securitize is a global leader in compliant issuance of digital assets and securities.

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The Guernica V Fund (US), with investments through the Luxemburg Master Fund, is an art investment fund specifically designed to protect and grow wealth during the current economic climate following the global health crisis and current geopolitical uncertainty.

Understanding the macroeconomic distortions, we are launching this fund to offer investors the opportunity to transfer some liquidity into an asset well-suited to preserving and enhancing wealth in times of volatility and inflation.

The Security Token Offering (STO) of the Guernica V. Fund (US) will allow investors to receive limited partnership interests in the form of digital tokens. This novel technology adds the potential of bringing liquidity to an otherwise illiquid investment vehicle by way of its tradable tokens listed on a regulated exchange.

Launching soon!

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The Museum Fund

Artemundi is the development manager of The Museum Fund. TMF is a public charity with an active management approach for the benefit of non-profit organization members, namely museums and other cultural organizations. TMF supports their collections, endowments, and aspiring programs.

Its innovative model will present the opportunity to contribute underutilized artworks to an active and diversified art portfolio to maximize its aggregate value – and thereby both fulfill the philanthropic intentions of the donated artwork’s owner and aid museums with much-need continuous funding.

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bespoke funds

A Bespoke Art Fund is a tailor-made service in which an art fund is planned based on each client’s investment objectives. While benefiting from our fund management expertise and resources, these costume-designed structures are outlined depending on the risk/return tolerance, portfolio, investment focus, timeframe, tax benefits and customized reporting.

For example, Artemundi has partnered with Ampersand to launch and manage Qualified Opportunity Funds, providing a service to economically challenged communities, whilst US investors may benefit from certain tax advantages offered under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (the “TCJA”).

Get in touch with us to find out which is the best route for you.

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managed accounts

Our experience and resources are available to clients for the management of their wholly-owned portfolios. We guide you through a number of scenarios under which a person or an institution can look at an art investment strategy based on risk tolerance, legacy objectives, tax strategy, asset protection, social responsibility, capital preservation, diversification, and so forth.

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Our co-investments are business arrangements in which two or more parties agree to pool their resources to purchase an artwork recommended or previously owned by the investor.

As co-investors, clients acquire a coownership share in one or more specific artworks recommended by us. Available under both “equity” and “debit” structures.

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professional collection building

Regardless of what you have in storage or hanging on your walls, we will make sure that your entire art collection is rightfully managed. Some of the services include advisory on acquisitions, sales, insurance underwriting, conservation, authenticity, exhibition loans, shipping, storage, database cataloging.

In addition to the scholarly research of each artwork among the artist’s production, and the curatorial dialogue with your collection.

With years of art collection management experience, we have all the tools and knowledge you could ever need through strict confidentiality, meticulous study and due-diligence.

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corporate collections

Fine art is more than a decoration in an office. Starting as a statement on the company’s culture, art can become a powerful asset that offers notoriety while providing financial returns, hedging possibilities, and tax benefits. Banks, companies, governmental and semi-governmental organizations are positioning themselves as the new art patrons, often overwhelmed with the time and expertise required to manage their corporate collection.

From curatorial practices to museum loans and cataloging, our experts are able to plan a business strategy to build your corporate art collection and even help with sourcing or selling artworks, script curatorial perspective, organize museum loans, and design maintenance protocols.

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private museum service

Our dedicated team can sensitively assist museums and institutions with services such as:

  • formal independent valuations
  • acquisitions and deaccessioning
  • donations in-kind, grants, or bequests
  • museum loans
  • condition reports
  • shipping and logistics
  • collection assessment and analysis
  • registrar and cataloging practices

Furthermore, we have designed The Museum Fund in order to take an active management approach for the benefit of non-profit organization members supporting their museum aspiring programs.

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strategic partnerships

Artemundi is open to entering into strategic partnerships with the aim of sharing complementary businesses. From marketing campaigns to sponsorship opportunities, our business collaborations can gain access to new markets and our sophisticated clientele.

Our value-creating alliances are based on our in-depth knowledge of the inside dynamics of the art market and can creatively improve positioning, share risks and pool resources for aligned objectives.

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